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     In the summer of 2012, Sidney Dominici  blossomed into the California music scene at the age of 17 with a musical family in Fresno Ca.  By her early teens she was already an accomplished self-taught guitarist, pianist and drummer.  Playing wasn’t enough so she began writing down her thoughts and experiences into lyrics for the music she was shaping.
    Soon, she started performing her original works at dozens of bars and events throughout the Central San Joaquin Valley as someone appearing much older than her years.

     Sidney’s original musical arrangements along with her vocals led to her first EP “Something We All Got” released in August 2012.  One particular cut “Some May Say” was selected by the Wahine Project as the theme song for their 2012 South Swell Tour, allowing her to perform it live along the Pacific Coast.
    The same song grabbed the attention of You Tube sensation Eric Thomas “ET the Hip Hop Preacher” who requested to use her original on his You Tube channel for its inspirational message to his viewers. 

   Sidney’s unique and flavorful blend of Indie rock continues to flourish, capturing the attention of the local media, television and large venues.  Radio has not gone without playing her originals and now she has amassed quite a number of followers along with her You Tube videos.
   The Dominici brand has shared the stage with such greats as Astrid Plane (lead singer of Animotion), Rudy Parris (The Voice), Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, Cody Canada and the Departed as well as The Easy Leaves to mention a few.

     With a love of writing, composing and performing, Sidney is still committed to her faith, family and friends.  It is a devotion that stirs her writing dynamics and keeps her true to the heart.

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